Friday, December 29, 2017

RonnieAdventure #0288 - Lehi (Utah) and vicinity

Andrew left for two years to serve a church mission in Brazil, so we made a quick trip to Utah for his going away party.

Picture by Britney Griffiths

Then, a few weeks later, we made the same trip; but this time on the way north we stopped in Beaver (population 3,112 ) at the Cache Valley Cheese Factory for some homemade ice cream. It was cold outside, but like I always say, "It is never too cold for ice cream!"

On February 6, 1856, pioneers first settled in the Beaver area, which had previously been rejected as "unfit for cultivation." There is a historic marker on the spot where the first settlers camped.

Beaver is located on the old Mormon Road and is one of a string of settlements that were about 30 miles apart, which was a day's ride on horseback in 1856. Some of the smaller communities did not survive after invention of the automobile because roads were improved so that travelers could drive more than 30 miles in a day. However, Beaver survived and is the county seat for Beaver County. 

Two of Beaver's most noted residents are Robert Leroy Parker (also known as Butch Cassidy), and Philo Farnsworth -- inventor of the cathode ray tube that made television possible. Farnsworth was also the first person to create table-top nuclear fusion.

We were really fortunate that Carter's and Sophia's school plays were the same weekend. Carter was a Revolutionary, Labourer, and two other parts in Les Miserables and Sophia was Marta in The Sound of Music.

I remember when the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium was located in the Salt Lake City Gateway Mall, and then it was moved to a larger building in Sandy that I made it to; but I had never been to the 136,000 square foot facility that was built in Draper in 2014. Since we had a free pass, how could we not attend!

At Grandma's house waiting on a turkey dinner!