Friday, February 26, 2021

RonnieAdventure #0453 - Mystical Stone Labyrinths - Clark County, Nevada

The mystical stone labyrinths found in the desert near Laughlin (Nevada) have an intriguing story. 

According to a news interview at the site, a young man (Wes) was walking his dog in the desert when "I came up the hill and I saw a flat area and I had a spontaneous inspiration [that] this is a good place to build a labyrinth... I'd never done it before [build a labyrinth]. There are a total of nine on three different sites...five here, three across the ridge, and one on the top. They have done a multitude of studies on the effects of labyrinths on the human body and the brain. Every time you take a left and a right turn, it will shift your brain. It will calm you, and it just helps you center. The benefits of walking a labyrinth are well-documented. Aside from a meditative mental state, they provide reduced blood pressure and breathing rates and can help with chronic pain and insomnia...For the vary first one, I took  a milk crate, filled it with rock, carried it to the site, and dumped it. And that is literally now I built the first one. Just buckets of rock...I was really driven. Even though my elbows hurt from carrying these rocks every day for three and a half months, you know, I just got focused on it. It wasn't until after I was done with that, you go, wow that's really cool, but my arms hurt from carrying all the rock...One [of the labyrinths] is an eleven-circuit Chartres, and it has an echo to it, so you hear your own voice if you're inside of it. My take on it is listen to your own inner voice when you're walking it...[There is a triangle called] Prosperity because I took the triangle off the dollar bill...[and one called] Destiny, so you find your Destiny through walking it. There's something fascinating about the concept of a labyrinth. They've appeared in many different cultures around the world for thousands of years, as if it were something instinctual. As a traveler treks through its loops and turns, a feeling of calmness, of centering, takes hold." 

[Interviewer] "Right now my inner voice is telling me that life is full of twists and turns. Some you don't always see coming, and sometimes you get some open space and you can pick up some speed or some momentum. But the path you're on is the path you're on, and if you'll just slow down and breathe, it will take you to where you need to go."



While we were standing at the site it started getting dark, but there were no clouds in the sky. Suddenly, there was a loud "popping" sound and three or four white energy balls shot from the center of the square labyrinth into outer space. Fortunately, Kolohe was able to capture the event with her camera.

We were discussing the strange phenomenon that we had just witnessed when an old dazed man with white hair that looked like Albert Einstein walked up to the square labyrinth. He could see the puzzled looks on our faces and went on to tell his story about the events that happened to him on the site.  

He could not remember the exact date, but he said it was sometime in the fall of 2017 that he was camped on the site when he felt a strange electrical force surrounding him. He looked up and saw a cigar shaped space ship come down and dock on one of the high-voltage transmission towers near the site and clamp onto the high-voltage lines. After clamping onto the high-voltage wires, all of the electricity in Laughlin went off. 

As the docked space ship pulled excessive amounts of electricity from the power lines, the white transmission power pole began to smoke and became so hot that it burned the white tower black. 

About the same time, he saw a young man walking his dog come up the hill. The young man was engulfed in a beam of light and taken aboard the space ship. When the young man was returned to the site, he started sketching labyrinth designs in the dirt. There are no rocks on the dirt hills, so he watched as the young man walked to the Colorado River (about a mile away) and started carrying rocks to the site. This lasted for several months until the young man had constructed nine different labyrinths with varying shapes. The old man said that for some reason he is attracted to the site each year at the exact time he saw the space ship dock with the power poll. And, at that time of year the shadow from the black pole falls directly on a line of rocks that points to the labyrinths. Strange!

I thought this whole thing sounded like a bunch of malarkey, so I looked up some information on the web. Now this is where it gets really spooky. In the fall of 2017, astronomers working with the Pan-STARRS1 telescope at the Kaleakala Observatory in Hawaii discovered a strange 400 meter long cigar shaped object that was accelerating away from Earth and seemed to be pushed by an invisible force. The object was designated 2I/2017 U1 and given the name "Ourmamua." ("Ourmamua" is Hawaiian for "messenger from afar arriving first.")  All observatories around the world were alerted to Ourmamua so that they could turn their telescopes to that part of the sky. 

After circling the sun, Ourmamua continued to speed up and then took a different trajectory than anticipated. The new trajectory will take it to the Pegas Constellation. 

Astronomers have concluded that Ourmamua definitely came from outside of our solar system and probably came from somewhere near the bright star Vega in the Lyra Constellation. 

Ourmamua is reddish in color and much brighter than any comet, suggesting that it was made from a bright metal-type substance. Observations indicate that Ourmamua is hollow with a skin thickness of less than one millimeter.  

Before entering our solar system, Ourmamua was "at rest" relative to nearby stars, which is statistically very rare. It seemed to be waiting for a planet like Earth to arrive before it started to move. 

Avi Loeb, Astrophysicist and the longest serving Chair of the Astronomy Department at Harvard University, said this is the first ever object from outside of our solar system to be documented and observed directly by numerous observatories. He believes Ourmamua could be an alien vessel that paid us a visit. The craft's shape suggests that it was deliberately designed to be a light sail so that it could be propelled through space by stellar radiation. 

NASA has been experimenting with solar sails (light sails) for spacecraft propulsion by turning low pressure solar radiation into movement. Theoretically, it may be possible to increase the propulsion of an object in space by using a laser beam from Earth (or the moon) that would be aimed at a space craft's light sail. The increased laser light on the sail would increase the speed of the object.

The questions is, was this a Close Encounter of the Second Kind?
NASA Image of Ourmamua

Friday, February 19, 2021

RonnieAdventure #0452 - Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs, Clark County, Nevada

Grapevine Canyon is located in the Bridge Canyon Wilderness area, which is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This remote canyon contains one of the earliest and largest petroglyph sites in Southern Nevada. It is believed that the canyon has filled with sand over the years and that a large number of petroglyphs are now buried under the sand.

The petroglyph site is located next to Grapevine Springs, which provides fresh water for a variety of plants and animals in the area. 

It does not appear that early Mohave people lived in the canyon, but they probably just gathered at the site for various ceremonies. Archeologists have found evidence that the site was used as a location for summer solstice observations and believe that the petroglyphs were made between 1100 and 1900 AD. Although there are various theories about why the petroglyphs were carved into the rocks, the meanings of the petroglyphs is unknown. Unfortunately, over the years many petroglyphs have suffered substantial vandalism.