Friday, May 29, 2015

RonnieAdventure #0154 - Roos-N-More Zoo, Clark County, Nevada

Did you know that Bactrian Camels store fat in their humps (not water) or porcupines cannot shoot their quills -- they have to run backwards at a predator to stab them with quills? These are only a couple of the interesting facts that you can learn at the Roos-N-More Zoo, located about an hour's drive from Las Vegas.

The zoo has over 160 animals living at the facility and children are allowed to touch and play with many of the baby animals. Visitors are even allowed to feed some of the animals! Did you know that camels love to eat carrots? If you are an adult, you can even put a carrot in your mouth and the camel will grab the other end of the carrot and have it for a snack! Did you know that camels have bad breath?

The zoo is operated by veterinarians Dr. Valerie and Jay Holt and their family, who believe in "conservation through education and hope that the up-close  and personal encounters with our animals will inspire people to help save their wild counterparts." This is a great activity for the entire family!

Friday, May 22, 2015

RonnieAdventure #0153 - Washington County, Utah - 2015 Part IV

Located at the junction of State Routes 18 and 219 is the Enterprise Historic Park, which primarily consists of horse-drawn farm equipment. It is a small park, but worth the stop.

The town of Enterprise is located to the west of the 18/219 junction and contains a number of historic buildings and a museum operated by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. The museum is open by appointment only, so we just walked around the outside of the building.

However, in that same area I found Joe Paul's "lawn art" to be the most interesting thing in town. 

Joe was out working in his front yard when I drove by, so I turned around and asked him if I could take some pictures of his art work. He graciously stated that I could take all of the pictures I wanted!

Joe found the first cabin that was constructed in the Enterprise area, disassembled it and moved the cabin to his lot in town. Then he started collecting other historic artifacts and his collection just grew and grew.  

Joe even found Mater's Uncle 2T and his nephew Baby Mater.

Joe's motorcycle art was especially interesting and can be appreciated by everyone, even if you are not a motorcycle enthusiast. 

After taking a number of pictures of Joe's lawn art, I was getting ready to leave when Joe asked me if I would like to see the old historic town that he is building in his backyard. Of course! When completed Joe plans to have a number of stores, a jail, and other historic buildings on display. His long-term plan is to open his collection to the public. 

Joe told me that if I was interested in seeing the local attractions, before I left town I had to stop at the White Winds Stone Jewelry & Rock Shop and ask for Sandy, the owner. 

It turned out that in addition to making her own Jewelry, Sandy has her own mining claim where she mines "White Winds Stone." According to Sandy, the multi-colored White Wind Stone "Fluorite stretches and expands your present ability to accept more knowledge, love, nurturing, prosperity, wisdom and faith. Purple increases spirituality and wisdom. Gold increases prosperity and nurturing. Green increases your ability to love and forgive. White increases purity of spirit. [The White Winds Stone] contains trace amounts of Gold, titanium and Rhodium metal of achievement beyond earthly wealth, power, respect; it has the power to move the world in a very different way. Found in Utah."

I definitely can use all of the above, so I purchased a small stone for $2.00. However, my wife went for the more expensive hand-painted earrings. (One pair was a dragonfly design.) I was not aware of the Legend of the Dragonfly, but according to Sandy, the "Dragonfly symbolizes winds of change, messages of wisdom and communication from the spirit world. Breaks illusion to see the reality of the situation. Brings visions of personal power. "

My wife also wandered next door to the "R Ewe Spinning" shop and found a type of yarn that she has not been able to locate in Las Vegas for a number of years.

Another person that I met alongside of Highway 18 south of Enterprise told me that while I was in the area I needed to visit the Honeycomb Rock Campground that is located by the Upper and Lower Enterprise Reservoirs. Since it was not very far out of town, we decided to make the trip to see the honeycombed rocks. 

On the way back to town I noticed on the map that there was an old ghost town named Heron at the junction we had turned on to find the reservoirs, but I looked all around and could not find any old buildings.  I noticed a pickup truck coming down a small dirt trail, so when he got close I flagged down the driver and asked if he knew anything about the ghost town of Heron. He just laughed and said "You're standin' in it." Apparently, all of the buildings have been removed, and the land has been reclaimed by sagebrush. However, he did tell me that if I followed the dirt trail that he just came down for about a mile, I could find the old Heron Cemetery. The local Boy Scouts maintain the old cemetery and it was an interesting stop.