Friday, January 27, 2023

RonnieAdventure #0553 - Hawaiian Graduation, Oahu, Hawaii

While living in California, we traveled to Hawaii for Kristin's Graduation. It was a great time had by all -- We had some beach time, explored tide pools, climbed to the top of Diamond Head, and hiked to some waterfalls on the windward side of Oahu. 

Gradation was nice and very festive like most Hawaiian gatherings. Henry B. Eyring was the commencement speaker and handed out the diplomas. After the graduation ceremony, Kristin about suffocated with all of the leis they pilled on her. 

Per tradition, after graduation we all gathered to grind and dance. Bob and I cooked so much chicken that we needed a vacation by the end of the evening. 

Skin diving at Hanauma Bay is always a great experience. It is like swimming in an aquarium!