Friday, October 30, 2020

RonnieAdventure #0436- Bellagio 2020 Fall Arrangement, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bellagio 2020 Fall Arrangement

Now on display at the Bellagio Conservatory is the Fall 2020 Arrangement entitled "Into the Woods." The arrangement contains "a magical forest populated with mischievous animals, floral creations and whimsical creatures."

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic visitors must have reservations during peak hours, or come early before the crowds start. We elected to come early.

When visiting the facility, visitors must follow a designated path and are not allowed to just wander through the Conservatory. One big change is that the front entrance is now the exit and visitors enter through a side door at the back (west side) of the Conservatory. 

After entering the Conservatory the first display is a family of foxes involved in various activities around a small pond with a waterfall, flying insects, treehouse, pumpkins, and various floral arrangements. Some of the pumpkins are really-really large - one weighs 1,037 pounds.

1,037 Pounds
702 Pounds
586 Pounds
434 Pounds
588 Pounds
820 Pounds
Along the north side of the Conservatory is a reflecting pond surrounded by fairies and a fairy house that is completely built out of natural plant materials and has a sunflower roof. 

The pathway then loops around through a large hollow tree, which has historically been a front entrance to the Conservatory. 

On the south side of the Conservatory is a talking tree that you can visit with, a den of bears with a large honey jar, flying bees that are made completely from recycled materials, and falling leaves. The tour then exits through a pathway that leads back to the hotel lobby.  

I have also attached pictures of flowers and plants that are found throughout the Conservatory.