Friday, March 30, 2018

RonnieAdventure #0301 - Bellagio Conservatory Spring 2018 Arrangement, Las Vegas

Well, we finally learned the true meaning of "March Madness." The plumber came out to the house to fix the water softener, only to discover that we had a hot water leak under the house, Unfortunately, in Las Vegas houses are built on a slab, so repairing a leak requires cutting holes into the walls and rerouting the pipe above-ground. Fortunately, the plumbers only had to remove part of the wall between the laundry room and the downstairs bathroom to bypass the underground leak. Unfortunately, a few days after the walls were repaired, we discovered a second leak, which required re-plumbing the entire house! This time the plumbers cut 40 holes in the walls and ceilings in order to install all of the new pipes to bypass all of the underground pipes. It was while they had the water turned off, we discovered the true meaning or "running water" - it means running back and forth to the neighbors house with a 5 gallon bucket to get enough water so that you can flush a toilet. Since the painters were going to paint about half of the downstairs, we decided to just have them paint the entire downstairs part of the house. This has taken much longer than anticipated and they have still not finished texturing and painting, so all of the furniture is still stacked in the middle of the rooms covered with plastic. We decided that if we can survive this mess, we can probably survive anything. 

We had intended to take a March trip to the Mojave Desert to photograph wild flowers, but after all of our plumbing fun, we decided to settle for a trip down to the Bellagio Conservatory to see the Spring 2018 arrangement.